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Information to help you to plan a holiday that takes into account your interests and needs:

Everyone deserves a holiday. Time to relax, enjoy yourself and explore new places.

You can take paid holiday when you want, so long as you give your employer the correct notice. It’s sometimes known as:

‘statutory paid holiday’

For information about holidays on the Isle of Wight, visit the website

Visit Isle of Wight

Travel agents offer help with planning your holiday. Check that they are ABTA registered. If you book a package holiday you will be protected by special regulations. If you organise your holiday yourself, booking flights, accommodation and services separately then you are an independent traveller. As an independent traveller if you book your holiday in the UK you are protected by general consumer law.

This page explains how to deal with accidents on a package holiday.

Your rights to cancel a holiday (or a particular part of a holiday like a flight or a hotel booking) usually depend on the terms and conditions of your booking, and your reason for wanting to cancel.

This page explains how to cancel your holiday

It’s great to go on holiday with like-minded people who share an interest! With much in common from the start you can make friendships fast, share experiences as a group and create fun memories. You might even improve your skills or your knowledge, working with skilled specialists or tutors.

Special interest holidays