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If you need disability equipment to help you manage more safely and easily around your home, contact your local authority and ask for a needs assessment. They must assess you if they might have a duty to meet your needs and the provision of disability equipment may be one way to do this. If you are found to have eligible needs, your local authority has a duty ensure they are met.

Eligibility requires having excessive difficulty in achieving at least one of a list of outcomes in the eligibility regulations, resulting in a ‘significant impact’ on your wellbeing. The meaning of wellbeing is defined in the Act, and includes things like ‘control by [you] over day-to-day life’ and ‘suitability of living accommodation’.

Outcomes can include: managing and maintaining nutrition; maintaining personal hygiene; managing toilet needs; being able to make use of your home safely; and maintaining a habitable home environment.

AGE UK factsheet: Disability Equipment and Home Adaptions

You can make changes to your home or get equipment to help you with day-to-day tasks and activities. Adaptations or equipment can help if you’re having problems carrying out day to day tasks such as:

getting in and out of your bath
making a hot drink or a meal
getting around indoors or outdoors
using a telephone
watching television or listening to the radio
getting dressed
getting on and off chairs
getting in and out of bed
Types of adapatation available

Minor adaptations such as fitting lever taps in the kitchen, installing a ramp to your front door, or hand rails around the home.
Major adaptations such as installing a downstairs shower room, widening doorways, or lowering the work tops in your kitchen.