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There are schemes that can provide you with a reliable gardener to help keep your garden in good condition at an affordable price.

AgeUK offer a Gardening Service which puts you in touch with a local self-employed gardener.


Allotments are small areas of land that have been specifically set aside for cultivation by renting tenants.

Allotment gardens provide a wide range of benefits to the community and the environment. They are not just important for tasty low cost food production, but they also provide a valuable recreational opportunity involving healthy activities and social interaction that can become a way of life for many people. Nothing is as rewarding as growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. Many gardeners on allotment sites are only too happy to share their expertise with novice gardeners.

Some allotments are run by Town & Parish Councils and others are privately organised. Details of all of these can be seen here. Although there may be a waiting list, it is not as bad as in some areas of the country and it is definitely worth putting you name down as it will cost you nothing to do so. 

Horticultural Societies

Horticultural societies are organisations devoted to the study and culture of cultivated plants. They meet up on a regular basis and often hold annual shows and regular events. 

Volunteering as a gardener

A number of not-for-profit organisations rely on volunteers to help maintain their gardens. Working alongside more experienced gardeners can be a good way of learning too. Contact the IW Volunteer Centre, National Trust, English Heritage or directly approach the volunteer co-ordinator at a garden near you, that is open to the public.