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Help Through Crisis (HTC) aims to assist Island residents who are in genuine hardship, enabling them to quickly access help in an emergency. There is a limited fund to provide immediate emergency help with food, gas and electricity. This can only be offered to those in the most need and as a last resort. No cash can be given but help will be provided to find other sources of assistance. We will do our best to help but we cannot give assistance in all circumstances. If you would like to apply please complete the following form or call the telephone number at the bottom of this page. If you want to access help please use the link below:

Apply now

Or, if you need assistance to apply, please use this telephone number:

01983 823859 (Direct Dial)

Or email: [email protected]

If you are having difficulty dealing with debts the Money Advice Team can help you to take control of your finances and provide you with solutions for dealing with your priority and non-priority debts.

The team offers a wide range of advice on a variety of different types of debts, and can provide you with help and solutions on how to deal with your creditors and how to manage your finances going forward.

Contact the Money Advice Team

For more information or to book an appointment, please call
01983 823898 ext: 2825

or via email on
[email protected]

Citizens Advice IW Money Advice Team