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Make sure your home is energy efficient

You might be able to save money by making your home more energy efficient – for example by:

  • using your central heating effectively

  • keeping your home warm for longer

  • making changes so you use less electricity and gas

Using less electricity, gas and oil

There are ways to reduce how much electricity and gas you use – for example, you can:

  • Use Eco setting on washing machine, and wash at lower temperature

  • Make sure your home is draught free and well insulated,  close curtains in the evening to keep in heat

  • Cut your shower time down to 4 minutes – will save around £30 per year per person in water and energy

  • fix any leaking taps

  •  Turn the room temperature down by one degree – will save around £75 per year. (But not below 16 degrees)

You can contact your local Citizens Advice to get more advice about making your home energy efficient or visit our national website at citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/energy/energy-supply


Footprint Trust

The Footprint Trust, help people and the planet through practical projects. The Trust is at the forefront in the fight against fuel poverty. They assist local people to use resources wisely and to keep people warm and well. The save most households around £200 per year on their energy and water bills and cut CO2.

Footprint Trust

Call: 01983 822282

Email: [email protected]

Isle of Wight Trader Approval SCheme

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