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(Page Published on 26/04/2022)

What is a Community Pantry?

Through funding provided by the DWP Household Support Fund, the Isle of Wight Council has financed the set-up of community pantries across the Island.   A community pantry works on the basis of a ‘helping hand’ to those in need and is a bridge between a foodbank and a supermarket, providing a range of food to those in need.  Applications for membership are managed directly through the pantries, and for a weekly contribution of £5, members will receive in excess of £15 worth of food.  Visits are limited to once per week where a range of fresh, frozen and general food can be purchased.  The range of food available will change on a weekly basis, dependent on deliveries received.  The pantry may stock items which are passed their best before date. Best before dates are about quality not safety. When this date has passed, it doesn’t mean that the item will be harmful, but it may begin to lose texture/flavour.

There are currently 3 pantries opening on the Island, with the first launching on 26th April in East Cowes.  Pantries can be found at the following locations, and would be happy to receive both queries and membership requests from you.

Community Spirited Pantry, Parkside Pavilion, Vectis Road, East Cowes

Opening: The pantry will launch at 1.30pm Tuesday 26th April. It will then be open weekly on Tuesday’s 1.30pm – 3.30pm in addition to Wednesday’s and Thursday’s 10.30am – 12.30pm. Contact Details: 01983 296592

Oakfield Community Pantry, Oakfield CE Primary School, Appley Road, Ryde

Opening: The pantry is currently in set-up stage and hopes to be open in May. Contact Details: 01983 563732

Baby Box Community Pantry, Salisbury Gardens, Dudley Road, Ventnor

Opening: The pantry is currently in set-up stage and hopes to be open in May. Contact Details: 07961 959003

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